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Adult - Adults Only!: Sexual Confusion
Adult Jokes I know my sexuality, but I get so confused by other people's. I don't even know the difference between transvestites and transsexuals.

As I understand it, transvestites are the ones that grow down from the ceiling and transsexuals are the ones that grow up.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, March 22 @ 23:05:00 CST (74396 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Password Rejected
Adult Jokes A female computer consultant was helping a smug male set up his computer. She asked him what word he would like to use as a password to log in with. Wanting to embarrass the female, he told her to enter "penis". Without blinking or saying a word, she entered the password. She almost died laughing at the computer's response: PASSWORD REJECTED. NOT LONG ENOUGH.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, March 20 @ 23:05:00 CST (81794 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Two Martians and the Gas Pump
Adult Jokes hrisi writes "Once two martians land their flying saucer out in the country next to an abandonded gas station. They get out, pull out their ray guns, and approach the old gas pump.

One martian says, "Earthman, take us to your leader!" But the pump doesn't reply. So the martian threatens to shoot the earthman if he doesn't reply.

But the other martian warns his partner, "Hey, better be careful, this earth dude looks like a real bad ass!"

Still the first martian takes no heed, and he shoots the pump with his ray gun; but it explodes in a big fire ball and blows these two martians about 100 yards away. "
Posted by JokeCrazy on Tuesday, March 09 @ 23:05:00 CST (75955 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Sick One-Liners
Adult Jokes Q.) What doesn't belong in this list: Meat, Eggs, Wife, Blowjob?
A.) Blow job: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob.

Q.) Why does a penis have a hole in the end?
A.) So men can be open minded.

Q.) What's the speed limit of sex?
A.) 68 because at 69 you have to turn around.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Friday, March 05 @ 23:05:00 CST (340638 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Camping Trip
Adult Jokes Three couples went out camping. The three husbands stayed in one tent and the three wives stayed in the other.

At about 3 in the morning, Bob woke up and yelled, "Wow, unbelievable!" Bill woke up and asked, "What's going on?"

Bob said, "I've got to go to the other tent and find my wife."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Tuesday, March 02 @ 23:05:00 CST (91268 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Prostitution Confusion
Adult Jokes Lulu was a prostitute, but she didn't want her grandma to know. One day, the police raided a whole group of prostitutes at a sex party in a hotel, and Lulu was among them. The police took them outside and had all the prostitutes line up along the driveway when suddenly, Lulu's grandma came by and saw her granddaughter.

Grandma asked, "Why are you standing in line here, dear?"

Not willing to let her grandmother know the truth, Lulu told her grandmother that the policemen were there passing out free oranges and she was just lining up for some.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, March 01 @ 23:05:00 CST (77888 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Dark in Here?
Adult Jokes A housewife takes a lover during the day, while her husband is at work. Unbeknownst to her, her 9 year old son was hiding in the closet. Her husband came home unexpectedly, so she hid her lover in the closet.
The boy now has company.

Boy: "Dark in here."

Man: "Yes it is."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, February 28 @ 23:05:00 CST (67172 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Year of Sex?
Adult Jokes TO MY DEAR WIFE:

During the past year I have tried to make love to you 365 times.

I have succeeded 36 times, which is an average of once every ten days.

The following is a list of why I did not succeed more often:

54 times the sheets were clean
17 times it was too late
Posted by JokeCrazy on Thursday, February 26 @ 23:05:00 CST (65395 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Amish Innocence
Adult Jokes An Amish woman and her daughter were riding in an old buggy one cold blustery day.

The daughter said to her mother, "My hands are freezing cold."

The mother replied, "Put them between your legs. Your body heat will warm them up."

The daughter did, and her hands warmed up.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Tuesday, February 24 @ 23:05:00 CST (50020 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Proxy Mix-Up
Adult Jokes The Smiths had no children and decided to use a proxy father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr.Smith kissed his wife and said, "I'm off. The man should be here soon".

Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer rang the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. "Good morning madam. You don't know me but I've come to...."
"Oh, no need to explain. I've been expecting you," Mrs. Smith cut in.
"Really ?" the photographer asked.
"Well, good! I've made a specialty of babies."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, February 18 @ 23:05:00 CST (30376 reads)
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