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Heaven and Hell
[ Heaven and Hell ]

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The Nutty Parts
People Jokes An Amish lady is trotting down the road in her horse and buggy when she is pulled over by a cop. "Ma'am, I'm not going to ticket you, but I do have to issue you a warning. You have a broken reflector on your buggy."

"Oh, I'll let my husband, Jacob, know as soon as I get home."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, January 14 @ 00:55:49 CST (1790 reads)
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The Devil did it
Heaven and Hell A man attended a Billy Graham Crusade. When the very emotional sermon was over, Reverend Graham asked those who'd been moved by the Lord to come forward.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Sunday, July 29 @ 03:03:34 CDT (2038 reads)
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Adult - Adults Only!: Rooster Riot
Adult Jokes The priest in a small Irish village was very fond of the chickens he kept in the hen house out the back of the parish rectory. He had a cock rooster and about ten hens.

One Saturday night the cock rooster was missing and, as that was the time he suspected cock fights occurred in the village, he decided to do something about it at church the next morning.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Thursday, March 14 @ 00:38:11 CST (2334 reads)
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Yo mama is so fat...
Yo Mama... Yo mama is so fat that when she hauls ass she gotta make two trips.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Friday, April 06 @ 04:23:38 CDT (1845 reads)
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Ethnic - May Offend!: Two wishes
Ethnic Jokes hrisi writes "A black guy walking down a beach finds an old oil lamp, he rubs it and out pops a genie who says, "OK, you got only two wishes!"

The black guy thinks and says, "I wanna be a white man!"

POOF!! He turns in a white guy!!

Then the guys says, "I don't ever wanna work again!""
Posted by JokeCrazy on Sunday, March 07 @ 00:05:00 CST (69800 reads)
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Clinton confounds critics
News/Politics President Clinton confounded critics when his job approval rating went up to 69%.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, April 18 @ 01:05:24 CDT (2102 reads)
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Probably No Nuts, Either!
Adult Jokes Tarzan had been living alone in his jungle kingdom for 30 years with only apes for company and suitably shaped holes in trees for sex.

Jane, a reporter, went to Africa in search of this legendary figure. Deep in the wilds she came to a clearing and discovered Tarzan vigorously thrusting into a jungle oak.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, January 09 @ 00:36:06 CST (2344 reads)
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Better Late Than Never
Sports Jokes A recent retiree was given a set of golf clubs as a parting gift by his former co-workers. He had never golfed before. Thinking he'd try the game, he asked the local pro for lessons and explained to him that he knew nothing whatever of the game.

The pro showed him the stance and swing and then said, "Just hit the ball toward the flag on the first green."

The novice teed up and smacked the ball straight down the fairway and onto the green, where it stopped inches from the hole.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Tuesday, September 30 @ 01:05:00 CDT (15892 reads)
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Where did I come from?
Teacher/Student "Daddy, where did I come from?" the seven-year-old asked.

It was a moment for which her parents had carefully prepared. They took her into the living room, got out the encyclopedia and several other books, and explained all they thought she should know about sexual attraction, affection, love, and reproductions.

Then they both sat back and smiled contentedly.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, April 17 @ 01:12:00 CDT (1709 reads)
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Bad Tech Support
Computers/Support 1. Do you have a sledgehammer or brick handy?

2. ... that's right, not even MacGyver could fix it.

3. So -- what are you wearing?

4. Bummer Duuuuuuuude.

5. Looks like you're gonna need some new dilythium crystals, Cap'n.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, March 20 @ 00:05:00 CST (80733 reads)
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