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God Plays Golf with the Devil
Heaven and Hell One day, God and the devil decided to play 18 holes of golf. They toss a coin, and the devil tees off with a nice drive.

God tees off with an awful shot into the ruff. A squirrel running along grabs the ball in his mouth and scampers away. As the squirrel is scampering, an eagle comes out of the sky and snatches the squirrel, and flies high into the sky when it is hit by a bolt of lightning, frying it instantly. The golf ball falls to the ground and into the 1st hole.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, October 28 @ 23:47:31 CST (3918 reads)
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Smart Ass
Teacher/Student "An abstract noun," the teacher said, "is something you can think of, but you can't touch it. Can you give me an example of one?"

"Sure," a teenage boy replied. "My father's new car."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Friday, January 02 @ 23:05:00 CST (13378 reads)
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Short shots
People Jokes How can you tell if a midget is gay?
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, April 23 @ 00:33:24 CDT (2004 reads)
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Drive By Cookies
People Jokes While returning from a trip to visit his grandmother, a friend of mine was stopped by a state trooper in for exceeding the speed limit. Grateful to have received a warning instead of a ticket, my friend gave him a small bag of his grandmother's delicious chocolate chip cookies and proceeded on his way.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, November 12 @ 23:05:00 CST (1358 reads)
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Medical Testing Woes
Medical Jokes Tiggs writes "Two children were in a doctor's waiting room. The little girl was softly sobbing.

"Why are you crying?" asked the little boy.

"I'm here for a blood test, and they're going to cut my finger," said the girl.

When he heard this, the little boy started to cry."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Thursday, December 12 @ 08:33:15 CST (1674 reads)
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Strange but True: Actual Exchanges Between Airline Pilots
Strange but True The following are accounts of actual exchanges between airline pilots and
control towers from around the world.

The controller working a busy pattern told the 727 on downwind to make a three-sixty -- do a complete circle, a move normally used to provide spacing between aircraft.

The pilot of the 727 complained, "Don't you know it costs us two thousand dollars to make even a one-eighty in this airplane?"
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, June 21 @ 00:05:00 CDT (18438 reads)
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How to give a cat medication
Animal Jokes 1) Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth, pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Thursday, April 26 @ 00:08:05 CDT (2218 reads)
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Sauerkraut Post Card
People Jokes A doctor started having an affair with his nurse, and shortly after this started, she announced that she had become pregnant.

Not wanting his wife to find out, he gave her a large amount of money and asked her to go out of the country, to Germany, to wait out the pregnancy and have the baby over there.

"But, how will you know when our baby is born?" she asked.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, March 19 @ 23:05:00 CST (2241 reads)
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Pop quiz
Teacher/Student The teacher decided to give a pop quiz on this week's spelling words. She asked the students to spell the words and use them in a sentence. Three of the words were hotel, stigma and homosexual.

Not surprisingly, little Johnny's answers were...

"h-o-t-e-l. The President asked Monica to keep their affair secret, but Linda Tripp made the ho tel..."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, May 20 @ 00:27:02 CDT (1840 reads)
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Strange but True: Actual news clipping
Strange but True A teenager who tried to copy a scene from the hit file 'American Pie' by shagging an apple pie was rushed to the hospital with serious burns to his penis.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, July 28 @ 00:13:06 CDT (5340 reads)
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