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Joke Crazy: Blonde Jokes

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Wisdom does not help blondes
Blonde Jokes An 83-year old blonde decided that she'd seen and done everything, and the time had come to depart from this world.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Tuesday, April 10 @ 02:18:37 CDT (1897 reads)
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The blonde and the three doors...
Blonde Jokes An airline captain was helping a new blonde flight attendant prepare for her first overnight trip. Upon their arrival, the captain showed the flight attendant the best place for airline personnel to eat, shop, and stay overnight. The next morning as the pilot was preparing the crew for the day's route, he noticed the new stewardess was missing. He knew which room she was in at the hotel and called her up to ask what happened to her. She answered the phone, crying, and said, "I can't get out of the room!"

"You can't get out of your room?"; the captain asked. "Why not?"

She replied, "There are only three doors in here," she sobbed, "one is the bathroom, one is the closet, and one has a sign on it that says 'Do Not Disturb'!"
Posted by JokeCrazy on Friday, April 06 @ 16:28:35 CDT (1754 reads)
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Total number of blonde jokes
Blonde Jokes Q: How many blonde jokes are there?

A: One. The rest are all true stories.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Thursday, April 12 @ 01:06:52 CDT (1764 reads)
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Favorite nursery rhyme
Blonde Jokes What's a blonde's favorite nursery rhyme?

Humpme Dumpme
Posted by JokeCrazy on Friday, April 06 @ 22:44:27 CDT (2111 reads)
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A blonde goes into a library
Blonde Jokes A blonde goes into a library and says, "Hello. I'm here to see the doctor."

The librarian replies, "This is a library."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Wednesday, August 22 @ 01:53:25 CDT (3318 reads)
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Close Brush with blonde
Blonde Jokes A man requested a blonde painter to paint him in the nude.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Sunday, April 15 @ 19:07:38 CDT (2264 reads)
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Blonde: Winter Blonde
Blonde Jokes As a trucker stops for a red light, a blonde catches up. She jumps out of her car, runs up to his truck, and knocks on the door. The trucker lowers the window, and she says, "Hi, my name is Heather and you are losing some of your load."

The trucker ignores her and proceeds down the street. When the truck stops for another red light, the girl catches up again. She jumps out of her car, runs up and knocks on the door. Again, the trucker lowers the window. As if they've never spoken, the blonde says brightly, "Hi my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!"
Posted by JokeCrazy on Monday, March 01 @ 00:05:00 CST (73580 reads)
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Blondes and Corn Flakes
Blonde Jokes Q: Why are blondes like corn flakes?
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, June 30 @ 01:47:01 CDT (2038 reads)
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Puzzling Blonde
Blonde Jokes A group of Antarticans walk into a bar and they seem to be celebrating something. All of them are repeating "32 days, 32 days" with much excitement.
Posted by JokeCrazy on Saturday, April 21 @ 01:09:40 CDT (2022 reads)
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Blonde Trackers
Blonde Jokes Unregistered Guest writes "Two blondes were walking in the woods and they came apon some tracks.

The 1st blonde said look at those deer tracks.

The 2nd blonde said those aren't deer tracks, they are rabbit tracks.

The 1st blonde said no no they are deer tracks."
Posted by JokeCrazy on Tuesday, April 02 @ 00:12:06 CST (4917 reads)
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